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Deutcia progression

October 4, 2014

I grew this tree from a tiny cutting in the ground. Here it is in Jan 2013

April 2013

I cleaned the uro and sealed it.

Sept 2013 I dug it out:

I had to fill the pot with stones and put a plastic over that, since the pot was too big

Trimmed it a bit:

Trunk detail

January 2014

It has very long internodes so for now the plan is to create a section with short internodes before proceeding to fatten the branches

There is no point fattening a 1 mm long branch.

It has back budded very well

May 2014

View from the top.

After trimming it to 1 internode:

Long ctalks were left after the node in case of die back. The long branch is an escape branch.


front, still need to uncover the nebari

O4 10 2014

It was left to grow freely, and was defoliated yesterday. Today I trimmed it. Still some branches need to go but left them as insurance …It had a lots of die back of branches inside dew to no light reaching in.

Lesson learned: Grow 6-8 leaves and cut back.


So far I have used only clip and grow, but after the next trim I will wire it. I carved a number of trunk chopped areas.

To be continued.





  1. Neli,
    Hope you don’t mind me picking your Brain for your knowledge on Bonsai. But got another question,
    I have a 2yr old Mimosa from a seed that stands a little over a foot tall. Yes Im trying to dwarf it and am wondering. Here is my question: how hard can I cut back on the main branch with out doing too much damage to the young tree and what time of year would be the best time to do this? And how far down can I cut it to about the soil line?

    Thanks once again for your help.

    David C

    • David I dont mind the questions.
      If I am not mistaken You are in USA???? or northern hemisphere???
      Mimosa you can cut before spring or after the first flush in spring.
      It all depends on how high a tree you want, and what kind of trunk.
      If you want sumo trunk. You chop it short, maybe 5-6 cm grow a leader, fatten it and chop it shorter. Do not remove the side branches for they will help fatten it and create taper. Remove branches that are more than one from the same spot. Mimosa has this tendency.
      For a larger tree cut a bit higher…but first fatten the trunk before you trunk chop it.
      Are you on Face book? I have some pictures of another faster method of growing a younger tree like yours. Maybe search for me on FB, or come join SABF here and ask many questions.

  2. Good memory Neli,

    I understand what you are saying, but all of the leaves or branches are all at the top. I guess from what you are saying is to be patient and let the Memosa grow for a few years. Then I will put it in a training pot and leave it alone. I really do appreciate your teachings.


  3. Neli,
    1 more question while Im thinking about it. Can you cause a trunk to grow a branch at different levels of the main trunk and if so How so?


    • You can hope but trees are unpredictable, and can try to increase that chances of this happening. Try to email me the tree and I will tell you what to do.

  4. Don’t have anyway to email a photo of the tree. But its a 2yr old mimosa from seed stands about a foot and 1/2 and all of the branches or leaves are up around the top

    • Most trees are apicaly dominant, which means they grow more at the top. If you chop a tree it will shoot around the top from buds nearest to the cut…if you want branches low on the trunk chop it lower, and if you want most back budding, fertilize well before the chop, and do it in early spring when the tree is about to bud. Keep turning the tree towards the sun so it gets shoots all around.

  5. Ms. Neli,
    How would one get smaller leaves on a Mimosa tree? I know how to do it on most other trees just not real sure with a mimosa

    David c again

  6. Come and join Us at bonsai school You will learn a lot.

  7. Sorry I was abroad…so did not see this

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