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Combretum instant ROR

August 4, 2014

I got this tree from the indigenous nursery in 2013. It was in a planter bag.

I barerooted it and planted it upside down. If you can imagine that the roots were on top of the soil in a hip and were covered with moss.

When I finally decides on a direction for it, I decided to try and make an instant ROR from it.


I took some window puttee and miged it with some gravel. Thought if it hardens it will be fine.

I had to be careful how I mold it so the roots are not strungled when they fatten, but have a chance to grow.

At first I made a rough shape. Puttee takes a long time to dry so I decided to add the final touches later.

December 2013

Jan 2014

The tree grew very well. It had grown long shoots with long internodes. Trimmed all branches to one internode and reduced all leaves by more than half. It is just too vigorous.

March 2014

June 2014 . Winter has started…leaves are yellowing.

Some of the soil was washed out during waterin so I added some muck made from Moss and clay to cover the exposed roots, Improvements on the stone will be made ones the roots are reduced and the tree is put in its final pot.

Conclusion so far:

Puttee is not best material for artificial stones…he he he!

Be careful and make sure roots are not passing through constricted spaces, but have at least one side exposed and allowed to grow.

If the stone is covering most of the surface of the pot be careful with watering so the roots under the stone get water.

Next time I shall make the stone from white cement with PVA added /mixed in for color.



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