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All Junipers

June 25, 2014

This junipers were bought in Japan at wholesale nurseries, as undeveloped rough stock in September 2013. I have done very little to them and prestyled only few due to impatience. I decided not to buy finished trees since I went to study pines and junipers only at Taisho en, and it will be fun to put into practice what I learned there.. Did not learn anything about any other trees, since the time was not much, to learn much and I thought if I learn how to care for and style pines junipers, I would be able to style anything. To me they are the most difficult trees, and from whom to learn how to style them better than from a Japanese master. Also I thought if I learn a bit from everything, I will come out of there with very little knowledge, about many thing, instead of concentrating on one type and learning about it well.

The first thing I did is to split them in 3 groups and put them under different conditions of shade in order to determine where they will do best in the hot African sun. A tip about growing junipers under shade in tropical countries was given to me by Khaimraj in IBC.

Within 8 month there was a pronounced difference between the trees. The ones that were in full sun were looking terrible…with unhealthy gray looking foliage, and no growth through the whole summer. I decided to put all of them under a light shade approximately 30%, just above the trees, so they still get morning and late afternoon sun but are under the shade at noon.

There was a pronounced difference. The trees started extending new growth and the foliage became lush green with few in shades of blue, since my trees are from different growers and I believe from different stock.

Notice this is in April and there is no new growth on the branch

Here new growth is starting to extend only on the top where the tree is more vigorous

Here are some of the smaller ones that were left under the light shade.

This juniper was left on full sun. Notice there is no growth, but at least the leaves have turned                                       green and look healthy ones put under the shade.



I know it is too soon to come to meaningful conclusions, but for me the trees look much happier under light shade for now. You must remember that to grow junipers in a tropical environment is not an easy task, and a solution must be found to keep your trees happy.

Another lesson learned was do not style junipers if they are not in perfect health. The trees I prestyled…just wiring of few primary branches, , are not doing well. There is no growth on them, and I have some branch die back. So that tells me how stressful the wiring is to a tree. Lesson learned and thank You Dorothy for advising me not to style the rest.

I have not posted my trees much not even here…he he he! I bought close to 250 trees in Japan, 99% rough stock, that I have posted anywhere up to date probably 10-20% But they give me lots of joy, and just sitting and looking at them, observing how they behave (very strangely some of them) gives me great joy.

Why did I say that some behave very strangely? It is their growth. They from winter in the northern hemisphere to spring in the southern hemisphere. Some new that it is spring and started behaving as a normal tree should behave in spring …flowering and budding, some never woke up during summer here, and only started extending new growth ones spring started in the northern hemisphere. That tells me that some trees have built in biological clock and length of day light hours and temperatures do not affect them as expected.

There is no point at the moment to open an individual topic for each tree ,, unless I decide to start styling them. For now they are left to grow and recover from the “cultural”shock…he he he!

So here are some pictures, though I need to take more pictures and pictures of all of them.

Here is one of the junipers I like best. This is unstyled material in Japan. Ones I style it you will know what the difference is.

This are all ground grown junipers for the bonsai trade.

The tops are just a bush composed of lots of branches, that need to be drastically reduced. Probably removing 80% eventually but not all at ones. Some branches will be grown as jin, wired and bend and later removed, like the one above.

Notice here the ovals of the shari are already started

They are all 25 and some will be styled as shohin and some will be grown                                                                  large and fattened some more.

This are some of the larger ones which I need to start shari on soon:

It is a typical twisted juniper, but from some angles                                                          the twist is not so pronounced.

This is a large slanting juniper that has reverse taper from some angles due to the twists, but it is fine from the intended front.

I need to start the shari here as well

Some more little ones:

This ones I prestyled a little:

I still need to twist the branches some more but that can be done later since they are still very young.

I am sure that there are some more but they are so bushy that I keep confusing them. I shall add the rest when I figure out which is which.

















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  1. Anonymous permalink

    WOW, Neli! That is quite a haul. I’m so excited for you! Love, K

    • Thanks Darling,
      I just need to acclimatize them now and make them grow. Then the styling will be the fun part.

  2. That’s a great collection, just don’t rush ( I know it can be hard on you sometimes to just wait )
    🙂 Intervention at the right time is important to help the trees recovers well later on 🙂

    • I dont want to take any chances Xavier…Will wait and see how they are doing before subjecting them to torture.

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