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Ficus microcarpa green island

June 17, 2014

This is a ficus I bought in Jan 2013. I have since airlayered it and made two trees.  This is the top part.

I removed the airlayer 30 Nov 2013. Roots did not grow fast…and after that it was our winter so it took a long time to remove it.

Back. The lowest right branch has a root so I can cut it off and graft the end portion to another place.

I decided to see what to do with this fig. Need to chop it down. The trunk is too thin for this height…but I shall try to add thickness to it using aerial roots and escape branches.

This is how it looked today 17 06 2014:

It has one huge first branch on the right which I am not sure yet if I shall keep or just use as sacrifice branch.

Decided on the maroon line as trunk line and chop at the red lines

 Notice the wedge cut just above the new leader? That is done so it can start healing while the top part is still attached. The healing this way is much faster. It will start healing from the top and as a continuation of the new leader.

Close up. After taking this picture I expanded the wedge but forgot to take a picture. In spring I might carve the wedge some more or remove the top depending on how it heals.

 On the left of the wedge cut is the new leader See the branch on the left just above my finger…It is too fat for a top branch, so reduction is in order to slow down its growth.

The first left branch is not in a good position. I would like to root a part of it and shift it up. For that I removed the cambium under the branch in order to create roots at that point. Later that branch will be removed with the roots attached to it close to the trunk , The cambium at the end will be removed and a hole will be drilled in the trunk where the new position will be. The removed branch will be inserted in the hole, attached and hopefully it will heal and I will have a big branch at the new position.

 I got an empty detergent bottle and here I am measuring how high to cut it so that it is supported by the pot bellow and the branch is inside it.

After cutting it I made holes at the bottom

This is how I cut the bottle.

The bottle was filled with my usual bonsai medium and positioned under the branch

The bottom is resting on the soil surface

Notice the sides are not seled so if I add soil to cover the branch it will fall out.

So I decided to bandage it above the branch so the soil does not fall out.

Then I removed the branch I marked above with red.

Wired it and left lots of sacrifice branches to fatten the trunk some more.

In spring if the branches are set I shall remove the wire and plant it over a tile in the ground.





  1. I look forward to seeing the results!

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