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Bougainvillea with fused branches

April 30, 2014

I planted this bougie 20+ years ago from a cutting… I have many in my garden.

16 Dec 2013, I dug it out bare rooted it and cut off all the downwards roots. Best time to dig bougainvillea and in general tropical plants is during warm weather in the summer.

As long as it is warm, I dig bougies any month. I Put them in the shade after planting

Trees that are watered often and mostly on top, develop nice fine roots on the surface.

I rubbed flower of sulfur on the cut surface of the roots. I could not find just sulfur here so I bought some kind of agricultural fungicide that contains 85% sulfur and use that on all cut roots on any trees I do root work on.

The remaining large roots will be cut off during repot..

I potted it in my home made training pot into a home made mix of crushed sieved bricks, and very large sand. That is what I use for all Yamadori. 100 % inorganic mix, I add a bit of vitamine B and a disprin to the water.

20 days later it had budded.

This is how it looked 26 January 2014 (40 days later)

Meanwhile while the tree is recovering, I am making plans how to style it.

My first objective was to find the front. This tree has reverse taper due to the fusing of the branches, and bougies rot too much, and dont heal easy so I had to find a compromise between as little as possible carving and masking the reverse taper.

This is the front I settled on.

Then I tried to do several virtuals and each time I think the future design improved.

First I decided to keep the small trunk:

Then remove it:

And then to balance the tree shift the apex to the left.


This is how it looks today:

30 04 2014


The progression will be continued.

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