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Tips on root reduction-It’s always the little things

April 5, 2014

Important point to remember when transplanting/ root reducing trees.

Nebari Bonsai

Last week we looked a recently-repotted Japanese maple. Kathy and I reduced the roots aggressively, and it leafed out shortly after, as normal.


Then, the new leaves wilted:


What happened?
My analogy of a tree’s energy is like air in a balloon; in the spring, all the energy is squeezed from roots up into the buds, which open, developing into leaves that generate energy, which is squeezed down the trunk and back into the roots where it is stored for the winter.

This is why it’s important to conduct repotting and pruning just after the energy stores in the roots are squeezed up into the shoots and the tree is beginning to form leaves that can generate energy to strengthen the just-pruned roots. All the while, we must be careful to leave enough roots intact to supply the transpiring leaves with water. Got it? Good. Back to the maple.


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