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Some of my maples.

January 27, 2014

I shall post progression pictures of each later.

I like My trees mostly small. Most of my trees are in early stage of development…so nothing too special.

This is a trident that has two branches hugging the stone and holding it tight…A bit puzzling to style it…but I shall just have to consider the stone as part of the trunk…and style the tree all around it.

My largest trident. Very large and terribly neglected when I bought it. It is also very old. I have since trimmed it hard, and plan to start grafting roots for better nebari.

Planted all the cuttings from it.

A shohin trident

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This is my Quasimodo trident.

Exposed root shohin trident before I styled it.

Another shohin trident

Another small shohin trident in early development

Trident mame, still being fattened.

Trident mame ROR, just started to style it:

Another trident mame…small but old.

Another trident shohin

Need to graft branches or force it to back bud.

Medium  sized trident, that I am still trying to decide on course of action.

Another mame trident, just being grown for now.

A shohin trident that needs to be restyled

A small JM sumo Mame in development

JM mame, present from Oyakata.

JM shohin Just started on branches

I have some more but never got to taking pictures yet.

I shall post progression photos of them all later.

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