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DIY concrete bonsai pots part 3

January 21, 2014

This is a different type of concrete pot. I am trying to reinvent the wheel, but it seems this method is fine, and you can make any shape pot without mold.

It takes less than an hour to make it.

I used a mosquito metal wire mesh. The thick wire is there to hold it in place and will be cut off later.

I made a soft mix of white cement and water, just  soft enough to pass through the mosquito mesh and lock it into position.

I spread it with a spoon while gently pressing, and paying attention to cover the edges.

Make sure you put a plastic under, and remove all the material that drips through the net, and collects at the bottom near the edge of the pot.

Dont worry if it is not beautiful, it will be plastered later, so just try to spread it evenly.

Let it to dry for a day and cut off the wire where it is seen

At this point it is reasonably hard.

After that plaster it with a mix of sand and cement 1:2 to around 1cm in the body and less than that near the edges.

Let it dry for another day.

Mix very light mix of cement and water , put in a plastic bottle with a small opening and drip cement all over it.

Let it dry and the next day paint with PVA.

Next time I shall mix the PVA  paint inside the cement together with equal amount of water to color the cement body. The PVA paint also has glue inside which helps strengthen the mix.

For a pot like this a table spoon is enough.

Here is the final result: It still neds one more coat of Paint.

The best and easiest pot is coming in part 4. I think I am getting better. He he he!

  1. Anonymous permalink

    This is a way, way cool sight! Thanks, Neli!

    • It is lots of fun! And if I can help sharing my silly adventures in the bonsai world…I am happy.

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