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Approach grafting Zelcova for broom style

January 15, 2014

Manuel Germade showing me how to do approach graft on Zelcova for a broom style bonsai

First he marked the places where he would cut groves for the approach branches

Next he cut groves just deep enough to accommodate the branch.

He made sure the edges and the groves are perfect , with straight edges.

He carefully measured the position of the branch and removed the cambium on the sides where the branch touches the bark of the main tree.

Next the branch is inserted in the grove, making sure it fits well, and tight. The top of the branch is almost level with the bark of the main tree,and slightly above.

A pin is pushed on the side of the cut and hammered in, so that it hold the branch in place well.

This is the same  tree almost a month later.

Notice one of the thinner branches has dried. Oyakata said it was too young, to be used for the graft.

This is another Zelcova successfully grafted. Initially the branches are wired for direction, and later all branches are tied together. That is how all brooms are done in Japan.

For the first 1-2 years the branches are tied up so they grow vertically upwards.

Small brooms like mame and shohin are tied with a rope very tight. That is normally done in autumn.

After the rope is removed the tree is wired.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

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