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Trunk taper reduction after trunk chop

November 29, 2013

A dear friend that helps me a lot with my styling sent me this today. Thought I shall share.since I think it is very interesting.

With this method you can avoid ugly scars, created by the slanting cut and the V cut.
Pictures show you everything.

The section that needs reduction is hollowed:

V sections are removed from the area that needs reduction

Here tie backs are used to tie the section, but I suspect a metal clamp with a nut for tightening can be used too. The kind of clamps used to fix a hose pipe to a metal pipe.

At this stage before and after clamping Cut paste should be applied.

Perhaps this clamps can also be used:

To avoid the heart wood rotting, the hole can be filled with a filler, just to the lower level of the cambium and smoothed so the cambium can roll over. I would use car dent filler that is used for panel beating, but other fillers can be used too.

Care should be taken when this technique is done and in what climate. Best time would be when the tree is growing rapidly and in some species after spring so that there is not excessive sap loss, that can cause drying.

The tree species is also important: Are they able to callus fast, and what is their reaction to large cuts.

The size of the material, the thickness of the bark will affect the outcome too.

This can be used for branches too. The cuts can be made at an angle too, to create taper in one direction only.

This method is especially suited for tropicals.

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