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Trident exposed root

November 6, 2013

I bought this shohin trident in Japan, unstyled.

This is how it looked before:

This will be the future front. The lean forward, the position of the roots was one of the considerations when selecting it as a front. The exposed root is considered as part of the trunk, and from the back it appears as if there is reverse taper. Also there are large scars at the back on the trunk.

This is the back:

This is how the back looks like after the trim. The apex is too long and straight for my liking and ones thickened, will be drastically reduced.

The branch to the right of the apex is a sacrifice branch.

Notice how many branches are coming from almost the same spot. Most will have to go. Two will be used as future branches at top and back, one as sacrifice branch and the rest will be removed to avoid reverse taper and knobs.

From the two bottom branches one will be kept and wired downwards to the left. This is a basically slanting style with semi cascade innuendos. The lower branches are normally facing forward and the top ones back.

Notice the large wounds at the back. On trident they heal very well, but the chop of the leader (further up the trunk) had some dry rot which I had to grind away.

Close up of the back.

Sacrifice branch was left to thicken the trunk and heal the wound. The leader is the branch on the right that needs to be cut later.

This is the front. A large branch was cut to a suitable shoot to create movement and taper. Dont pay attention to my hands and nails. They are constantly in soil…but at the end of all this they will be cleaned. Dirty fingers for me equals green fingers.

Notice the two branches going left at the base of the apex, that are wired. I dont like how long and straight the current apex is. I might   chop it down to the upper of the two branches and thicken /bend that as new apex. Still thinking.

See also the sealed wound I had to grind.

For now I have decided to chop the extra branch to avoid creation of a knob and reverse taper.

The back:

There are still few extra branches left that I need to remove, All this branches will be grown a bit more and chopped to the shortest internode which in maple is normally one internode.  That is why I was not too concerned with the direction of the rest of the branch but only the initial direction.

This is the plan in general, in a very bad virtual. Will try a better one later.

In Japan there are the same varieties maples with different sizes leaf. This variety is one with very small leaf. Eventually the leaves will be 0,5 cm.

Thank you for reading and I hope I was of some help.

  1. Paul Kellogg permalink

    I enjoy your blog very much. I am just getting started in Bonsai so I am very interested in your your instruction. I am a retired engineer. My daughter, a student of Japanese and Korean, introduced me to these countries and I see Bonsai as a great creative outlet. Keep up the great work.

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