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Acacia galpinii Airlayer

October 11, 2013

I have not seen yet pictures of African acacia being successfully airlayered. Many people say that African acacias can not be airlayered. I bought this tall acacia galpinii, and felt sorry to chop all that thick tall trunk.  Despite all the info that they can not be airlayered, I decided to try, since I had not much to loose. I did not have rooting hormone, or moss, so I had to try it with what I had available, and have used for 25 years with good success rate: River sand.  I did it in February 2013, and today  11/10/2013 I decided to check it.

To my surprise and delight I found some roots inside the packet. Not enough to remove it but at least some to show me that the acacia has formed roots. Our winter just finished, and during the last few month, every time I passed that tree it looked so miserable, I thought the top part has died. Now I think that was reaction to the winter and not so much to the airlayer.

So here is the acacia, and the root I saw inside.

I shall post a progress report in 2 month.

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