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Awesome trident trunk creation by fusing

October 8, 2013

Have a look here how Doug Philips, created a massive trunk,  using trident seedlings. I am sure you will enjoy the tour. 4 different tours/methods used, each better and better.

Link to his blog, and make sure you follow his tours:

Doug Philips received his initial introduction to bonsai in 1986. After finding and reading the Sunset book on bonsai, he began practicing what was written, and was suffering much frustration. As a result, Doug went looking for more information and in 1989 was directed to the Midori Bonsai club. At that time the club was the home to Kathy Shaner, John Thompson, and Les Steele. All of who were very instrumental in Doug’s early exposure to bonsai knowledge, politics and hands on experience.

The years following until the present have been filled with as much bonsai exposure and learning as possible, attending all GSBF conventions and taking classes and workshops with visiting bonsai masters and teachers. Doug has been active in club politics, taughtn beginner classes and has given several club demonstrations.

In 1991 Doug was the recipient of a GSBF educational grant, and was also a member of an import group that brought premier bonsai pots into the U.S. from Japan.

In 1996 Doug started specializing in several species of plant material that were of particular interest to him. These were personally collected Sierra and California junipers, local Olive trees, and Bald Cypress from Louisiana, also San Jose Junipers, small leaf Olives and Prostrata Junipers from cuttings. And last but not least fused trunk Trident Maples. If there were two real favorites of his, they would have to be Tridents and Olives.

Doug is now past president of Midori Bonsai Club and currently hosts a bonsai study group in Fremont, California, open to anyone wanting to learn more about bonsai or willing to show the group something really cool they have learned about trees or techniques.

Not having any “formal” training in Japan, Doug is willing to let the qualities of his “future” bonsai trees do the “talking” as it pertains to his knowledge and talent. Doug is always anxious to learn more and willing to talk about his experience.

He remains an enthusiast in the art.

Contact information:
Doug Philips

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