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My hurricane survivors

September 28, 2013

Still very squashed from their travels in a suitcase, with lots of broken branches, but at least at home. They were all packed nicely at Taisho en, but since I had to stay in Tokyo 4 days and do some more shopping, I decided to unpack them and put them on the window at the Hotel. I was supposed to leave at 01:30 hrs (after midnight, but the day I was leaving, hurricane was moving rapidly towards Tokyo, and was supposed to arrive around the time my flight was taking off. The Shinkansen train stopped operating, and I was afraid all transport will stop shortly, so I decided to pack as fast as possible and rush to the airport. As a result, packing fast and in a panic, I did not pack them well.

The plane delayed, arriving and taking off, and after a bumpy ride I arrived safely home with my precious cargo.  With tears in my eyes I unpacked them, but at least they are alive and I can restyle them later.

At Taisho en, all the trees were removed from the stands, and put on the ground, The larger trees were tied up to the stands, and some were blown by the wind, but there was not too serious damage.

This is how my trees arrived home.



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