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Bonsai school Japan day 1

August 19, 2013

I started off from Zambia on the 14 August and arrived in Japan on 16 mid night…it was a long travel.

I guess the fact that I am coming from Africa had put a dent on my name, or the Japanese customs simply don’t trust people coming from Africa. Another possibility is that Africans abused the Japanese hospitality…but for whatever reason, I was ushered for a second time to a private cubicle and searched for the second time. I don’t mind the searching,  as it helps to stop drugs, but it was not done in a professional way. I had some maize crisps, and they were spilled all over the suitcase, my shampoo was opened and also spilled since it was not closed properly. Those two mixed in the suitcase and the coloring on the crisps stained all my clothing, and is impossible to wash off.

So the entry to Japan was not all that good….as usual.

This is my second travel to Japan. I was here last year again. My trip was planned in few days but was arranged very well. I was met by an agent the following day and my adventures started.

First we visited one of the top shohin nurseries in Japan….but I forgot the name…very expensive but well maintained and with the most beautiful trees I could not even imagine.

I took so many pictures and I can not find them now. Lets hope I will find my other SD card.





  1. Sorry to hear about your bad travel experience. I will be patiently waiting to see all the great photos you are taking 🙂

    • Thank you. I shall try to post better pictures when I reach home….this iPad is a headache. And I get so tired from the heat. I shall post all the new things I learned in detail.
      My master is fantastic person.

    • I managed to download some useless resizing program from the apple store…but it is a long procedure to post pictures with the iPad….and I get so tired. Today finished at 18 hrs….have to resize the pictures….post them on FB, copy and paste each picture in a new window, copy the URL, go to word press and post it there, and it keeps crushing so it took me 3 hours last night to post those chopped pictures. Will try to correct them all today…but have lots of new things to post….just don’t know if I will manage even one of them.

    • Things like this happen. Some time we have to pay for what criminals do. But all is well that ends well.

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