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Some newlly bare rooted plants in my garden

August 11, 2013

It is this time of the year, when normal people start barerooting their plants.  It is close to spring. I guess I am not one of those…I have been barerooting, digging yamadori all year round several times each moth. Wanted to see what will happen. All my friends on the forum were telling me…dont dig now…it will die, but I kept on digging and they kept surviving…

So I learned something. With proper after care in this climate I can dig all year round. But will I be so brave with some advanced bonsai??? Not too sure. Probably if I have the same success for the next 1-2 years.

This is a pomegranate nana which I dug out from my garden. It was growing under a bamboe…20m high and next to some big shrubs. It was completely shaded, and as a result some of the branches are dead. That is why I did not reduce much the branches. Many were dead. It is over 20 years old. Had no leafs when I dug it out. Lets pray it will grow.

This is the other half of the same pomegranate. They were joined but I separated them.

As you can see no leaves on them…That is how they were. I trimmed them just a bit. Brent from evergreen garden works, says there is no need for much reduction. Trees will only produce as much leaf as the roots can support. Another problem pomegranate nana has is that if you trunkchop a old trunk, it will shoot from the bottom most possible point.  Try to leave some smaller branches in places where you want to trunk chop large branches. rather try to reduce trunks in stages. I shall post later pictures of some that have shot only low bellow or from smaller branches, and as a result all above has died.

A small duranta with 4cm trunk which I barerooted 2-3 weeks ago. it has lots of shoots now. Later when it has recovered I shall reduce it some more…which for many people is a drastic reduction. One of the branches will be chopped later after it has done its job of thickening the trunk.

A combretum. Indigenous species. Love the movement and the bark. Contemplated making it one of those instant ROR, but sort of like the roots also. So it might end up as exposed root. This plant was planted upside down. All the roots were above soil lever in a hip , hoping they will go down. They did. It was bare rooted 3 weeks ago. It  seems it will recover. I shall remove the soil from the top of the roots some more later, and make a decision then.

Another  duranta with a nice thick trunk and tree sub trunks. The largest behind is like a telephone pole.Not sure what do do with it yet. Want it to recover first and then I shall chop it hard or remove that trunk. The other two have semblance of a movement, but one has some reverse taper that will have to go. It is high up so it will be just chopped off.

It was bare rooted a week ago.

The picture is taken from the top, so the trunk looks very short.

This plant was half dead. I dont know what it is. It is imported…and was root bound. I slip potted it into another larger packet. When my gardener was watering it, all the water was draining on the sides, and the root ball was totally dry. Bare rooted it, combed and trimmed all the dead roots and is now shooting. The airlayer was there from before.

A bougainvillea Pixie.  Barerooted a week ago. Already shooting.New leader needs to be grown on the trunk. It will probably end up a twin trunk. One of my favorite vaieties for bonsai. Just dont overwater it.

Another Pixie. It was also barerooted a week ago. It will be a cascade with a top. They were all grown by me from cuttings.

The long thin cascading branch will be grown and chopped for movement and taper.

An acacia I decided to experiment on. I was told acacia does not like root reduction much and the tap root needs to be chopped in stages. I chopped it all and barerooted it and trimmed the roots. Did not even remove any foliage…it had shoots that were small.

I had put a large plastic packet over it for the first few days. I do that with all my bare rooted plants, but keep them in a shade so they dont overheat.

At first lost some of its leaves…and I thought some branches died. But it is doing fine for now and it has some new shoots, on the dead looking branches. The first week after bare rooting/repotting…I am always worried. Checking on them several times a day. The first sign of growth is always a happy moment.

A little fuchsia I barerooted also 2 weeks ago. It will be a shohin. The large branches are escape /sacrifice branches.

Here is the fuchsia 2nd July when I was barerooted.

And this are cuttings I chopped from the sizigium airlayer. Some are under plastic some are not. Hope some will grow.

This is the little tree without any shoots/leaves I barerooted a month ago…now full of new shoots. I chopped the large branch/trunk on the right.

Here it is when I just barerooted it on 2nd July:

This is a tree I dug out from the bush a week ago. It has tiny shoots. Hope it will survive.

All concrete pots are home made and painted with rubber paint for pools on  the inside. I dont have much available here, and plastic pots here are not UV resistant so thy disintegrate vary fast. Here are some shots from the next door plot I bought recently and I am trying to landscape. Almost finished building the new pond, and done some of the hardscape on the garden. You can see 4 lines of yamadori in the ground, where flowers were supposed to be, 50 meter long. The bonsai bug has bitten me bad.

  1. Amith permalink

    Lovely Neli. Those Bougies will make stunning trees one day.

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