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Collected olive progression

August 9, 2013

Collected olive progression

The final result

The starting point

Something in between, but plenty more to see and learn at the actual blog.



Extract from the blog.

I discovered some years ago that you can take an olive tree and cut off all the roots and re-root the massive bases. New roots emerge at the cambium layer exposed in the flat cut area; they can be trained from this point on to become the best “nebari” root system.

While the roots are being developed, you can go to work simultaneously on the apex of the tree to correct any heavy cuts made in the field or remove superfluous branches that nature placed in unnecessary areas.

I use a combination of growing options. I grow in a training pot and also in a growing bed in the ground.

You will see in the photos that the trees go through some heavy pruning from the field, looking rather awkward in the stump form and progressing on to eventually become a tree with some pretty good bonsai potential. (But I’m a little prejudice; I’ll let you decide for yourself.)


For more information and complete picture presentation, visit the blog. You will see an olive being chopped with a sow , and all roots removed. Lots of good advise on olive development and nebari creation. Really impressive.




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