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Yamadori trips.1

August 5, 2013

We have a game ranch…near the capital. It is 7000 acres and we have wild animals there. We bought them It has a fence around…Over 2m high but lions still manage to jump it.

But the animals have multiplied well. We have almost all herbivores….all kinds of antelopes..giraffes…zebras…buffalo…wild pigs…and many more. They all have babies every year.

We also have 2 large dams there.

That is where I go most weekends to dig my yamadori. I want to do a collection of indigenous bonsai, that no one ever made bonsai from. I think it will be interesting and frustrating at the same time.

Here are pictures from my trips before. I shall make a separate entry for the last and new trips.

This is how the bush looks like…some time you have to crawl up.

This is acacia growing on top of a rock…Who said that it grows only in the savanna?

My driver and gardener digging a yamadori.

I did not dig this one…just too big for me.

Can you see how steep the hill was? I went on my bum down…all scratched…

I dug out this one…it is a grewia, white …lavender flower.

Grewia leaves just before they fall of. It was winter here.

I bought this indigenous juniperus from the botanical gardens on the way to the bush.

This is the juvenile foliage…they become like Chinensis later on.

This a small ficus burkei…I chopped that branch…it was like 30 cm down the trunk. It is growing now. It had no roots at all. It was just a branch.

The same ficus

This is when it started budding. Now it has 30cm shoots 4 month later.

Most of the trunk is buried under the sand.

This are from another trip at the end of july 2013. Not sure if they will be OK, but so far looks promising.

This time I decided to go dig under the dam wall…some distance away from it…but the area is like dumbo. The substrate is mostly fine sand. Found this tree, in an area which has been plowed by wild pigs.  The trees were very easy to dig.  Apparently this is a fruit tree the locals eat. The leaf resembles that of a fig very shiny leathery elongated rounded leaf.

You can see how many roots it has near the surface.

I think it looks cute though I am not sure if the leaf will reduce. Dont know the name of this plant.

This is the foliage:

Here it is another one.

Cut the roots a bit so they fit in the bags till I reach home.

This is another type of tree. I think it is wild croton but not too sure. It has small round leaf with nice autumn color.

This is the foliage, in autumn color:

I think this will make a nice shohin…it came out with 3 pushes of the spade. It has nice taper.

Another one…I shall chop it more at home.

I love the bark of this tree and it has tiny leaf. I dug out a small one yesterday…they are not easy to find.

The bark is black smooth and very beautiful.

Most of the trees here have this type of thorns. Several of them yesterday went through my shoe…my shoe was full of blood and I was in agoni…but just continued limping ahead.

this is the foliage of one of the trees I dug out.

I took them home with the soil…just to discover they have some more trunk under soil level…I shall dig them shorter next time…I might need to ground layer this one.

It is a pity that we dont have olives and budleja here.

I tie them up, andd bone meal in the medium, which is totally inorganic: snad, brick and laterite, and water them with sea grow. Keep in the shade for a month.

All this roots will have to be shortened, but that will be done later.

I am not sure how sensitive is this tree to root reduction so I will have to take it easy.

And here it is planted in my home made pot.

Can you see that long straight branch growing between the two big ones…
that is strangler fig brought by birds.. It will send roots down
and strangle the host.

This is how figs look on our ranch:

Unknown tree with interesting trunk:

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  1. Oscar permalink

    Jeez! That was a day!!! I would not be surprised if in between you shot a kudu and roasted it!!!

    • Oscar those pictures are from prvious trips. I had no time to post the ones from yesterday…slowly I am getting better at selecting yamadori.

  2. Marco permalink

    I am so jealous!

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