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Mohd Bohori Bin Che Makhtar: Matyie Che Makhtar

July 30, 2013

A talented man from Malaysia, with lots of wonderful bonsai to show, and a kind heart. He is considered one of the best if not the best in Malaysia. He freely shares his knowledge with all, and is very interested in promoting bonsai in Malaysia.  Matyie, has amazing creativity, knowledge, and sense of harmony. He is an artist that likes to think and create out of the box, that restricts  many bonsai artists. I love his imagination, and purposefulness with which he approaches bonsai.

For me there is magic in his creations, and I don’t know many Masters that can compare to him. For me he is a magician,  who creates wonders, and I shall call his  creations  Matyie Magic.

Despite winning many prizes at bonsai shows, Matyie has also judged many competitions in the region.

To many this will be a stick in a box but for Matyie , this is a canvas on which his art will be applied.

Combination of artistic abilities and aesthetic sensibility, while striving to be different, makes the work of Matyie Unique and beautiful.

This is a very small portion of Matyie’s  bonsai…I shall try to feature later most of them. All pictures are posted with his permission.

Magnificent Beackea, with awards

I think Matyie is in love with Beackea . Most of his bonsai are Beackea

Waw! Dont need to say a word!

Amazing detail

Name : Mohd Bohori Bin Che Makhtar – Adress:  Lot 769, Lorong Paloh Laka, Pintu Geng, 15100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan. – Hp : 0199040039 – Email: –

Born : Kg Paloh, Pintu Geng at 31 Aug 1960. – Married

Employment : Gold Processing

Other hobbies beside bonsai : , drawing, fishing, collecting antique, collecting rocks suseiki and jungle tracking. –

Start making and collecting bonsai in 1993. –

Has nearly 500 collection of various bonsai trees nearing completion and new reportting consists of ext Premna, Beackea Frutescens, buxus, Maba Buxifo;ia, Wrightia Religiosa, Hisbiscus, triphasia Tripholia, Murraya paniculata, Ficus ect.

Has won nearly 50 awards in Malaysian Bonsai Competition such as in National Competition :

Penang Bonsai Competition 2002 – Silver award ( Beackea Frutescens saiz M )

Kedah Bonsai Competition 2003 – Silver award ( Murraya Paniculata saiz L)

Kuantan Bonsai Competition 2005 – Merit award (Buxus saiz L )

Kuala Lumpur Bonsai Competition 2005 – Merit award (Wrightia Religiosa saiz S & L )

Kelantan Bonsai Competition 2006 – Golg award ( Beackea Frutescens saiz M and Bronze award (buxus saiz S)

Perak Bonsai Competition 2007 – Gold award ( Beackea Frutescens saiz M), Bronze award (Buxus saiz M) and Bronze award (Maba Boxifolia saiz M )

Penang Bonsai Competition 2008 – Silver award ( Buxus saiz M ) and Silver award ( Maba Buxifolia saiz L)

Johor Bonsai Competition 2008 – Gold award 9Maba Buxifolia saiz M ) and Gold award( Beackea Frutescens saiz L) and Bronze award ( buxus saiz M )

Kuala Lumpur Bonsai Competition 2008 – Gold award (Beackea Frutescens saiz L ), Silver award (Maba Buxifolia saiz L, Bronze award (Wrightia Religiosa saiz Mini, Merit award ( Wrightia Religiosa saiz m) and Merit award ( Buxus saiz S )

Johor Bonsai Competition 2009 – Gold award ( Wrightia Religiosa saiz L ), Merit award ( Beackea Frutescens saiz M ),

Kuala Lumpur Bonsai Competition 2009 – Gold award ( Beackea Frutescens saiz L ), Silver award ( Beackea Fritescens saiz L0 and Bronze award ( Buxus saiz M ) whangyang saiz S)

– Vice president of Persatuan Seniman Bonsai Malaysia.

– Member of  Persatuan Penanam Bonsai Johor

– Jugde in Bonsai Competition Kuala Lumpur at Damansara CLub 2010.

– Jugde in Bonsai Competition in SuBonsai Club International – assistant secretary of Gushi and Penjing Art Association Kedah

– Member of Malaysian Bonsai Sociaty Kuala Lumpumenep Indonesia 2011

– Website PSBM.. – Facebook: mat yie che makhtar.

– Often invited to hold a workshop in each bonsai competition in Malaysia such as in Danga Bay Johor, Ckeras Kuala Lumpur, Damansara Club kuala Lumpur,

National arts Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Nursery Seri Petaling Kuala Lumpur and at residence of the player bonsai in KL, Kedah, trengganu, johor, Penang, Pahang, Langkawi and Kelantan.

– Teaches the art of making bonsai in Tumpat to student of Giatmara Tumpat 2007

– invited Master Robert steven from Indonesia to helh a workshop in Kelantan that was located at my house for 3 day during 8th-10th August 2008

– In the proses of writing book about bonsai – sering menjadi rujukan pemain-pemain bonsai membentuk pokok dgn cara yg betul dan simulasi.

– On 14th Feb 2010 PSBM held a progrem called Bonsairace in Merang Trengganu with total of 100 participant where each participants will go on a search for a specisific bonsai tree called beackea frutescens

– On 14th- 17th Jun 2012 More information on his profile and bonsai creations can be viewed at his bonsai blog: / facebook : Mat Yie Che Makhtar

  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to his book!

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