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Noryadi Norrudin About

July 27, 2013

Noryadi Norrudin


I love the level of creativity, and artistic elements in Malaysian bonsai. They are true masters of the bonsai art.

I can look for hours at their creations. They have their own style, very unique, and beautiful. The amount of detail, and dedication to perfection is amazing.

One young man setting an example,  contributing to this excellence and promotion of bonsai is Noryadi Norrudin.

About  Noryadi Norrudin:

Chairman, National Bonsai Exhibition & Competition at Muar held on 8/4/2010 – 19/4/2010 (A project under Tourism Johor)

Chairman, Asia Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition & Competition at Kuala Lumpur held on 18/6/2010 – 27/6/2010

Chairman, Bonsai Carnival at Kuala Lumpur held on 25/9/2010

Chairman, Malaysia Bonsai Carnival 2011

Head, BCI-Malaysia Bonsai Judge Council

My bonsai achievement :

1. Malaysia National Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition & Competition 11/6/2009
– Excellent Award
– Creative Award

2. Bonsai Club International Bonsai Exhibition & Competition 2009
– 1 Minister Award
– 3 Gold Awards
– 1 Silver Award
– 1 Merit Award

3. Johor International Bonsai Show 6/8/2009
– Johor Royal Bonsai Award
– 1 Gold Award
– 2 Consolation Award
– Best Bonsai Award

4. KL Bonsai Exhibition & Competition 21/11/2008
– 2 Merit Award

5. Creative Penjing Creation Exhibition & Competition 31/1/2010
– 1 Gold Award
– 1 Consolation Award
– Appointed as a creative penjing demonstrator

6. National Bonsai Race 14/2/2010
– Appointed as a bonsai Judge

7. KL Bonsai Exhibition & Competition 13/12/2009
– 6 Merit Awards

8. Malaysia Bonsai Carnival 2010
– 1 Merit Award
9. Bonsai Exhibitor in MAHA Negeri Sembilan 23/7/2011

Some of Noryady Norrudin’s creations:

Better ones coming in part 2.

medium size Tamarindus Indica in

16-Buxus Harlandii. Gold award in BCI bonsai show 2009.

17-large Beackea. Gold & Minister Award during BCI

Hibiscus fixed on the mountain rock. Silver Award during BCI bonsai show 2009

19-Juniperus Sinensis. Silver Award during BCI bonsai show 2009-001

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