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Penjing with running water fall 1

July 25, 2013

We had a competition on South African bonsai forum. It was penjing composition. The size and development of the trees was not important…the composition part of it was.

I took a slate stone slab and arranged some stones onit.

Measured where the pump will be and marked it on the slate.

Checking how things fit.

Divided this into 2 pools and put a short plastic pipe between the two pools. Cemented it to form two small pools ad put some sand on the wet concrete to be embedded in to it for natural effect. Left it to dry .

Cemented two small pools

Positioned the pump into the upper pool, after connecting it to a short pipe, passing through a hole in the cup, and put cement over the  white plastic cup  so no soil or sand enters the pool and damages the pump

Cup went over the pump and was also cemented in place and covered with concrete.

I added another line of stones on the outside so i can plant in between.

More sand and soil (for color) was embedded in the wet cement, and later washed

I first added some bonsai soil and over it some muck. a mix of moss and soil.  Suitable plants were planted in the holes between the stones, and moss in between.

muck added

Here is the water fall in action…the water is circulated between the two pools.

The pipe was shortened and few pebbles added to slow the water.

And the finished product… It is still alive 6 month later. I water it with a spray bottle.

  1. Wow!
    What are those plants you planted on it?

    • Thanks Xavier! It works. It was not showing your comment until I approved it. Good! Got an email.

  2. Which one in particular? they are little succulents, achilea, a special cultivated moss I brought from SA that You grow in pots, Mostly succulents the rest.
    The trees are cuttings I had. Bougie, prostrate juniper and tuja.

  3. Oscar permalink

    I think the result is stunning. All in perfect balance. Typical Neli’s commitment.

    • Thank You Darling…Good to have friends…even if they are far,

      • Oscar permalink

        Not so far. I am still in Southern Africa…..

        • Still not close enough…to go dig bonsai in thr bush together. i am going to make a serious bonsai collector out of you soon

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