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DIY wire rack

July 22, 2013
    • A 4″ plastic pipe pieces left over from my pond build. I did not feel like buying a 6m pipe in order to use 60cm from it. So I joined the pieces together. It already had holes drilled on it since it was used in the filter area. If yours dont have that You will need to drill some holes for the separators of the wire. Definetly not as many as my pipe has, but see how many wires you have and make the separations accordingly. I made the distance between my separators just too big. I think 5cm between them will be enough and if your separator is 12cm long you can easilly put 3kg wire in each section.
  • Image
  • I put the pipe vertical and filled it with concrete mix…Any mix will do. It is used to make it heavy so that when You pull the wire the ruck does not move and the concrete holds the separators. In the center.
  • I put a R12 metal bar to be used as pivot, and left the ends 6cm longer on each side.
  • After that I stuck in the wet concrete the separators and left it to dry. The separators are R6 round bar, 16cm long, from which 4cm is embedded in the concrete.
  • Image
  • I made a simple ugly stand for it from left over R12, with 2 crossing ends at the end that hold the rotating part. It is so heavy that you dont need anything on top of the pivot bar, to hold it down, and not lift up.
  • I use the separators to roll the wire on the ruck, by rotating it in the opposite direction, and when unwinding the wire I just pull it and make one turn around one of the separators when done.
  • dont look at wire at the left end…that is just temporarilly put here, ready for winding on the rack.Image
  • And this is the final result. I am sure You will make a much better one, and I hope I have given you some ideas.

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  1. feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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