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All about bonsai, for the love of bonsai!


Please feel welcome to my blog. All posts are organised in the menus above. Each menu has sub-menus and posts in it. You can navigate through the whole blog through the menus on top or in the side bar.

If you would like to know a bit more about me, Bursa bonsai did a write up about me.

Here is the link:

Note that the trees bellow are not mine but belong to friends….Noryady and Maty.

  1. Hi Neli, you have a great site with loads of useful information. Great trees!

  2. Dr Madhu Gulati permalink

    Very nice and informative

  3. Dr Madhu Gulati permalink

    Beautiful bonsais.

  4. krishna kumar gupta permalink

    I want to teach how make bonsai pleasegive me tips

  5. A Question, rather than a comment. Can I trim the roots of a Garden Azalea that I took out of my garden during the Months of July thru Sept? And how much of the root ball can I cut back? As of now they are in 8″ regular pots. I have already trimmed the trees but nervous about how much root I can get away with to put into traditional pots. Any and all replys will be welcome.
    Thank You

    • David in which hemisphere are you? Northern or southern?
      Try to trim only the large roots and not feeder roots, in august September in you are south…north in spring

  6. Guess it would help, Im in the middle, Northwest Kentucky, these are azeleas that I dug up from my garden and Im going to try and bonsai them. Was thinking that maybe Id wait until cooler temps. here.

  7. Thank You so very much.


  8. Dr Pramod Kumar, LUCKNOW (U.P.) INDIA permalink

    This post is very informative for each every person interested in the area of bonsai. boon for bonsai lovers !!!!!

  9. Neli,
    I have a question about a Chinese Elm starter that I bought about a month ago. Its the leaves. They are a dark green but have a rough feel to them. The tree is putting out new little light green leaves so I guess that its doing good. But the rough texture of the small leaves has me puzzled. Is this normal for a 3 to 5 yr old starter? The tree stands about 8 inches above the soil and was put is a larger training pot when I got it home. The leaves are very small. Its a Dwarf Princess Elm, don’t know if that makes a difference. Soil is damp not wet. I water it every 3 to 5 days.

    Appriciate You

    Ps: my Brush Cherry gave up the ghost, and I got another starter. This time I put the tree is a larger training pot like my Elm and it seems to be doing great.


    • Hi David,
      It is hard to imagine what You mean by rough texture…unless I see it. Old leaves are always rougher than the young ones…As long as you have healthy new growth, I would not worry much. Dont count days when watering…Just wait for the soil to dry on top before you water. Watering will depend on the tree size, leaves, soil, temperatures….roots.
      Sorry about the brush cherry.
      Went to look outside at the foliage of my dwarf elm…no rough texture…All leaves look uniform in texture, but the new leaves came up over a month ago…Sorry cant send a picture here but if you need one can put it on FB or email it.
      Are all the leaves the same?

  10. if you could send me a picture to my email address. The leaves are all the same, except for the new growth which is a light green. But then you would know that your self.


    ps: take a close one of the leaves if you could

  11. Thank You

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